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11 Ways to Repurpose Old Pillows

If you’re like our team of cleaning professionals, you hate to see things that still have life in them be thrown out with yesterday’s garbage. DIY projects aren’t a part of our services, but they’re something our team is passionate about, especially when it comes to adding purpose and function to your space. We love taking seemingly useless household items and repurposing them for extended use.  

Because experts recommend replacing your pillow every one to two years, you may have a few pillows piling up and creating chaos. We’ve shown you how to give new life to old clothing a while back. Now, we have some ideas for how to recycle pillows to avoid contributing to landfill waste and clearing the unnecessary clutter from your home. 

1. New Dog Bed 

Your furry family member deserves all the comfort and relaxation you experience occasionally. And one way to help them feel more at home is to turn your old pillow into a dog bed. You might think it’s probably easier to just toss an old pillow on the floor and let your pup get comfortable. However, they deserve more than that! Proud Dog Mom has a simple tutorial that only requires fleece fabric and scissors.   

2. Patio Furniture Cushion 

Have you invested in new patio and deck furniture for the summer? We’re sure the material is durable but is it comfortable? You can take your old pillows and use them as outdoor furniture cushions or clean them up a bit, spray them with a water-resistant solution, and add a luxe feel to your outdoor furniture set.   

3. Package Protection 

It’s safe to say most packages that make it to their destinations aren’t always handled with care 100% of the time. Instead of using packing peanuts or bubble wrap, recycle old pillows by putting them in soon-to-be-delivered boxes to protect items inside. You can either remove the pillow stuffing and use it as protection or stuff the entire pillow in the box for extra defense.  

4. Travel Pillow 

Long road trips can be a killer on your joints and muscles and take a toll on your sleep patterns. Now you can remedy that by taking old pillows and using them exclusively in the car for traveling. We suggest restuffing them to support your back, legs, and neck, so your refurbished pillow offers the comfort you deserve on long drives. 

5. Giant Floor Pillow/Modern Bean Bag 

Still wondering what to do with old pillows? Make a giant floor pillow or a modern take on a bean bag chair! You seriously can’t go wrong with this versatile piece of furniture. Everyone in the family will be competing to be the first one to take a running leap onto your cozy DIY giant pillow. Follow Creative Outpour’s easy instructions to create your giant floor pillow.  

6. Easy Insulation 

Drafty windows, doors, and fireplaces can get some insulation support from old pillows. Simple Life Mom has a great tutorial to refurbish the stuffing to make a DIY draft stopper.   

7. Restuff an Old Stuffed Animals 

One of the best things about recycling old pillows is the ability to give new-found life to beloved keepsakes or create new ones. Reuse pillow stuffing to re-fluff a childhood stuffed animal, so your kids can shower it with as much love as you did. Check out Instructables’ tutorial on how to do this without ruining a potential family heirloom.    

8. Holiday Decorations 

The holidays come around every year like clockwork. But it probably still feels like you’re running around from store to store locating Christmas decorations. And, before you ask, no we don’t believe you can have too many holiday decorations to set the perfect winter wonderland scene in your home. Your old pillow stuffing can be used to make fake snow, believe it or not! You’ll save time and money setting up expensive Christmas décor.  

9. Utility Rags 

You seriously can’t have enough utility rags in your home, especially if you have young children who love to bring drinks and food into places they don’t always belong. The first step to creating your DIY utility rags is to remove all the stuffing and reuse it elsewhere. Take the cloth covering and cut it up into equal parts until you have as many as you desire. You can use these handy scraps of fabric to dust and clean up spills in the garage, kitchen, or anywhere else.  

10. Play Pretend 

For parents with young children, how often are you asked to play? Probably a thousand times a day, right? Now, you can make your kids’ wishes come true and play pretend using all the old pillows you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Take your unwanted pillows and build a fort and protect it from enemy forces or strap a few pillows to your arms and legs and be a giant robot. Sometimes, it only takes an active imagination to figure out how to recycle old bed pillows.   

11. Donate 

Donating old pillows can be tricky because of hygiene reasons. Many companies like Goodwill® and Salvation Army® are selective about the types of items available for donation. Before dropping off used pillows at a donation center, make sure to wash them thoroughly and double-check donation requirements.  

Most animal shelters are more willing to accept old pillows. Still, ensure your local shelter can use your old bed pillows to make kennels feel even cozier. 

Repurpose Old Pillows While We Take Care of the Organizing 

Once you get your old pillows out of the way by either recycling them or giving them a new life, Merry Maids is prepared to organize the rest of your home in no time. We offer organizational services to help you decide what to do with old items and remove the clutter, so your space feels peaceful again.  

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