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4 Ways to Help Make Cleaning Easier for Seniors

Cleaning can be challenging at any age, but it may become particularly daunting as we age. Physical limitations can make it hard to keep up with housework, but there are efficient ways for seniors to simplify the cleaning process. Plus, getting older may also mean more health problems for seniors, which makes cleaning increasingly difficult.

Our cleaning professionals at Merry Maids® aim to provide practical tips that are easy to follow, do not require excessive strength or effort, and can help create a healthier environment for aging individuals.

1. Clean Regularly

First and foremost, tidying up regularly can prevent clutter build-up, lessening the amount of cleaning needed. It's easier to maintain a clean home than to clean a very messy one. Simple tasks like putting things away after use, wiping down surfaces regularly, and quickly sweeping high-traffic areas can significantly reduce the need for thorough cleaning sessions and help seniors stay healthy.

2. Implement Manageable Cleaning Methods and Tools

When it comes to more intensive cleaning, it's crucial to find effective yet manageable methods for seniors or those with physical limitations. For instance, consider using a mop with an extendable handle instead of scrubbing floors on your hands and knees. This allows you to clean the floors standing up, reducing strain on your knees and back.

Cleaning can be a physically demanding task for seniors, but there are various tools available that can make the process easier.

Here's a list of some cleaning tools designed to help seniors:

  • Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner: These are easier to maneuver and less strenuous on the back and arms.
  • Automatic Vacuum Robot: A robotic vacuum does the vacuuming without any physical effort needed from the user.
  • Long-Handled Dustpan and Broom: This allows seniors to sweep up messes without bending over.
  • Microfiber Dusters with Extendable Handles: These are great for dusting hard-to-reach areas without needing a step stool or ladder that could result in a slip-and-fall accident.
  • Electric Floor Mop: An electric floor mop helps reduce the effort needed to mop floors when mobility is a challenge.
  • Grabber Tool: A grabber tool is handy for picking up items off the floor or reaching items on high shelves without straining or stretching.
  • Swiffer Sweeper: Many already know that a sweeper is a lightweight tool that’s easy to use for quick cleanups.
  • Scrub Brush with Long Handle: A scrub brush with an extendable handle is useful for cleaning bathtubs or showers without bending or kneeling.
  • Dishwasher: A properly maintained dishwasher helps reduce the physical effort of washing dishes and other items by hand.

Remember, it's important to choose tools that aid in cleaning and align with an individual's specific needs and physical capabilities.

3. Keep Safety In Mind

Safety should always be a priority, especially for seniors more prone to slips, falls, and other accidents.

Some precautions seniors can take while cleaning include the following:

  • Wear Non-Slip Shoes: Always wear shoes when cleaning with non-slip soles to prevent slipping, especially on wet surfaces and in wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Avoid Climbing: Instead of using step stools or ladders to reach high places, use a grabber tool or a duster with an extendable handle.
  • Keep Paths Clear: Ensure the areas you're cleaning are free of clutter that could cause tripping.
  • Use Proper Lighting: Adequate lighting will help you see better and avoid potential hazards.
  • Take Breaks: Overexertion can lead to fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents. Take regular breaks to rest.
  • Store Heavy Items at Waist Level: Performing this task prevents the need to bend down or reach up, which can affect balance.
  • Use Safety Equipment: Handrails, shower chairs, and rubber mats can add extra security in areas like the bathroom where falls are common. If you must reach something high up, ask for help or use a reaching tool.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can lead to dizziness and increase the risk of falls while seniors complete even simple cleaning tasks.
  • Keep Emergency Numbers Handy: In case of an accident, have emergency contact numbers easily accessible for faster response times.

By following these safety tips, seniors can reduce their risk of accidents while cleaning. It's always important to prioritize safety and personal well-being over completing a cleaning task.

4. Always Ask for Help

It's okay to ask for help. Whether it's family, friends, or a cleaning service, getting assistance can make the task much more manageable. Merry Maids® specializes in helping seniors with housekeeping and organizing tasks. Our cleaning professionals are compassionate experts who use natural products and care about the well-being of all clients.

Cleaning Experts Specializing in Senior Cleaning

While cleaning can be a challenge for seniors, there are many strategies to simplify the process. Constant tidying, using the right tools and products, prioritizing safety, and asking for help can all make cleaning more manageable. Maintaining a clean environment is essential for overall health and safety, so it's worth finding methods that work for you or an aging loved one. Remember, the goal is not necessarily a spotless home but a comfortable and clean space where you or a family member can enjoy those lovely golden years.

For more information about how our cleaning specialists can support families with senior cleaning services, call (888) 490-4227 today to request a free estimate.