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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

It’s estimated that there are at least 1.5 million ants to every one person on the planet. Do you want to do that math on that one? Didn’t think so. And there are more than 12,000 species of ants that we know about. Bottom line, ants practically rule the world and probably have control of your yard, making it virtually impossible to go outside and not get an ant bite.

While these eusocial insects are vital to our ecosystem, they can invade backyards and create havoc if they’re left to do as they please. If they’re becoming a significant problem on your property, Merry Maids® can help you get rid of ants permanently without destroying your plants and grass.

3 Methods That Aren’t Ideal for Eliminating Ants

Before we get into the natural ant killers, we think it’s important to debunk some of the myths circulating for decades. After all, if you don’t have the right ant repellent, you risk damaging the environment or simply wasting your time and money on ineffective ant deterrents.

1. Boiling Water

Have you heard the one about boiling water and an ant colony? It kind of sounds like the start of a bad joke, but this myth has been making the rounds for years. And while it may sound silly, it’s not entirely untrue. Boiling water can, in fact, kill ants, but only the ones that come in direct contact with it. Ant colonies are a complex series of tunnels, and boiling water can’t possibly reach every single ant in the colony at once. Save your boiling water to cook something yummy instead of killing ants.

2. White Vinegar

We’re huge fans of using white vinegar to clean household appliances, floors, countertops, etc. However, there’s a falsehood that white vinegar kills ants. We’re not sure how this myth got started. Possibly, white vinegar may have been effective at drowning these pesky insects. It works great as an ant repellent, but experts assure us that the solution itself won’t kill ants. The fumes can certainly deter ants from getting inside your home, but we suggest using your white vinegar to disinfect your home instead.

3. Pesticides

Many people and pest control companies subscribe to the idea that pesticides are the best way to get rid of ants. Spraying store-bought insecticides could prove detrimental to the health of your lawn and plants. These chemicals can effectively eliminate insects and leave behind noxious fumes that are extremely harmful if inhaled. Pesticides may have been the end-all-be-all before the turn of the century, but people are looking for more holistic remedies for ant infestations.

4 Natural Ant Killers & Repellents That Really Work

Now that you know which ant repellents and mythical eliminators to avoid, we can reveal the more effective natural ant killers that won’t harm the environment or cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, you may have them sitting in your kitchen pantry right now.

1. Deter with Ground Black Pepper

Pull out the ground black pepper and start sprinkling it around your home as an effective ant repellent that won’t create health issues for pets or loved ones in your home. Ants are irritated by the smell of black pepper, and it’s very effective at killing them when mixed with water in a spray bottle. The mixture of black pepper and water has been known to work within 24 hours of application to eliminate ants.

2. Repel with Peppermint

If you’re looking for a natural ant repellent that makes your home smell amazing, try 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottom with water. Ensure the mixture is appropriately combined before spraying in areas you’ve located ants in your home. The minty aroma interrupts the chemical signals ants leave behind when they walk, telling their colony where to go. Additionally, many associate the smell with the presence of a predator as the compounds found in peppermint essential oil are menthol, terpene, and alcohol.

3. Spray Tea Tree Oil

Like peppermint essential oil, ants can’t stand the smell of tea tree oil and try to avoid it at all costs. Use the same peppermint oil spray bottle method or soak cotton balls in tea tree oil and place them at every entry point. Not only will tea tree oil add a refreshing scent to your home that welcomes guests, but it can keep ants at bay.

4. Don’t Toss Out the Coffee Grounds

If you’re like most people, there’s nothing that can get you as excited about waking up in the morning as a fresh cup of coffee. The aroma alone just smells like a good, productive day. Still, this morning staple can also help you get rid of ants permanently.

Ensure the grounds are fresh from that morning and sprinkle them on a paper towel or index card. Place the grounds strategically around your home, behind trash cans, pet bowls, and windowsills. However, keep your dogs and cats from ingesting coffee grounds, as it’s extremely toxic and can prove life-threatening.

You Tackle Natural Ant Repellent & We’ll Take Care of Your Home

Getting rid of ants takes some strategy. However, hiring Merry Maids to disinfect your home and make it less desirable to pesky insects is a no-brainer! Our home cleaning professionals are happy to help you organize your space, employ holistic cleaning products, and keep your appliances spotless for ant-free summer enjoyment.

Call (888) 490-4227 or find your local Merry Maids® and get started today!