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Merry Maids® Celebrates & Rewards 3 Mother’s Day Contest Winners

When you think of your mom, what words come to mind? Strong? Fearless? Encouraging? Loving? Our team members believe she’s all those things and more and definitely deserves all the recognition.  

To honor the women in our lives we affectionately call “mom,” Merry Maids® set out to find women who took the moniker and made it their own with selflessness, love, and never-ending support for their families and communities, and we wanted to honor them with a token of our appreciation. 

Maggie D. of Columbus, Ohio 

As a mother of triplets, contest winner Maggie is no stranger to hard work or sacrifice. Opting to quit a job she loved to care for her and her wife’s three beautiful children, Maggie put her own wants and needs aside. When her wife Sarah was unable to work at the height of the pandemic, Maggie went into full-on all-star mode continuing to care for their three small children and finding a way to make ends meet to support their family. We commend Maggie and her commitment to her family and congratulate her on showing the world what true sacrifice means.  

Meaghan S. of Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Meaghan is accustomed to powering through a challenging situation, being six months pregnant during the stay-at-home orders, caring for a toddler, and teaching online. She was tasked with ensuring the safety of her unborn child and two-and-a-half-year-old toddler and teaching students who depend on her for engaging and fun lesson plans. Five months of the 2020-2021 school year were conducted online, forcing Meaghan to roll with the punches and make the best out of an uncertain situation. Now, as a mother of two under the age of three, Meaghan is navigating parenting and hybrid learning (with students online and in the classroom simultaneously) with a determination she didn’t realize was there. And to that, we celebrate Meaghan’s tenacity and strength. 

Amy S. of Franklin, Tennessee 

Someone who embodies perseverance amid ambiguity is Amy from Franklin, TN. A year ago, she was among the first in a growing number of the population to be diagnosed with COVID-19 before anyone really knew what the virus was or could do. Fortunately, her symptoms were mild, but it took her a total of 10 months to fully recover. Even through illness and exhaustion, Amy has been a pillar of hope and dedication to her husband and 13-year-old son. For Amy’s unwavering persistence to recover from a life-threatening virus while meeting the demands of motherhood, we applaud her. 

Our three honorees will receive a $500 Merry Maids® gift certificate and $500 gift card for The Container Store to help them have a cleaner and more peaceful space to call home.  

If you want to give your mom something she’ll always remember and appreciate for Mother’s Day, give her the gift of relaxation with her own Merry Maids gift certificate! We would love to help all the hardworking and selfless moms feel like superstar go-getters with a well-deserved house cleaning. Find your local team today.