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30 Unique & Fun Holidays to Celebrate in April

When you think of April, usually spring and Easter come to mind, right? Believe it or not, there are so many unique and lesser-known April celebrations you can take part in. Our team at Merry Maids® hopes you’ll find some fun holidays this month that will become staples in your household.

1. National Zoo Lovers Day (April 8)

Are you an animal lover? Do you enjoy learning about exotic animals? If so, National Zoo Lovers Day is the perfect April celebration for you. Grab the kids and your group of fellow animal enthusiasts and head to the zoo!

2. National Cherish an Antique Day (April 9)

We adore antiques and are all about showing you how to preserve rare books, vinyl records, Christmas ornaments, and more. So, pull out a family heirloom (carefully, of course) and take a second to cherish and appreciate it.

3. National Siblings Day (April 10)

Brothers are awesome! Sisters are amazing! Even cousins who feel more like siblings should be celebrated for keeping your most intimate secrets and just sticking by you through anything. Take a second on April 10 to tell your sibling at least one thing you love about them.

4. National Pet Day (April 11)

Have you been looking for a reason to celebrate your dog, cat, hamster, fish, or snake? April 11 is National Pet Day and is all about showing your domesticated animal how much they mean to you.

5. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12)

We love a good grilled cheese recipe. And don’t even get us started on adding a creamy tomato soup or tangy chili to the mix (yum!). April 12 is the holiday when you can make grilled cheeses to your heart’s content.

6. National Scrabble Day (April 13)

Board game enthusiasts around the country, this April celebration is just for you! If your city or town isn’t doing much for this day, call up a group of friends, grab some libations, and let the fun begin.

7. National Moment of Laughter Day (April 14)

According to Psychology Today, laughter helps create social bonds. While most people cannot laugh on command, take a moment for yourself on April 14 to watch your favorite comedy and laugh it up!

8. Take a Wild Guess Day (April 15)

We’re not sure who invented this fun holiday in April, but we can take some wild guesses. Seriously, on this day, just guess wildly about everything and see what happens.

9. National Librarian Day (April 16)

Do you frequent the library often? It could even be a book store where everyone practically knows your name. On April 16, show a librarian or bookseller how much you appreciate them.

10. National Orchid Day (April 16)

Orchids represent strength, love, luxury, and beauty. We bet you can think of more than a few people in your life who encompass all of those qualities. Send a bouquet of orchids to a loved one and tell them all about this April celebration.

11. International Haiku Poetry Day (April 17)

“An Ode to Haiku Poetry Day” by The Merry Maids Team

Celebrate the day;

It should be memorable;

Create! And have fun.

We’re sure you can write a better haiku than we did. Just give it a try on April 17. You’ll probably discover the poet within.

12. Easter (April 17)

We can’t forget to mention Easter, even though millions of people are fully aware of the day and its significance. However you celebrate this holiday, make sure to do it with colorful eggs, the customary PEEPS®, and people you love.

13. National Animal Crackers Day (April 18)

As soon as we discovered this day, we instantly heard Shirley Temple’s song “Animal Crackers in My Soup” playing mentally on loop (you’re welcome for getting the song stuck in your head, too). While you may not be a fan of animal crackers in your soup, these tasty snacks are meant to be enjoyed on April 18.

14. Wear Pajamas to Work Day (April 19)

Grab your favorite pair of pajamas and head to work to celebrate Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Before you partake in this fun April celebration, make sure to clear it with your boss first. PJs are comfy, but they’re not worth jeopardizing your job over.

15. National Banana Day (April 20)

April 20 is the day to go crazy with bananas. Make banana bread, banana pudding, or a banana split. Anything with bananas will do quite nicely.

16. National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day (April 20)

If you need another reason to eat more deserts on April 20, we have National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day just for you! Take a break from the bananas and have a slice of some delicious pineapple upside-down cake.

17. National Tea Day (April 21)

Do you have a subscription box to sample new teas monthly? Then National Tea Day is for you (not that you need a special occasion to drink tea).

18. National High-Five Day (April 21)

Did you have a great day at work? Give your spouse a high-five. Is your oldest kid acing science? Give them a high-five. On National High-Five Day, delve out all the high-fives your hands can take, but make sure you wash frequently and carry sanitizer to stay healthy.

19. National Jellybean Day (April 22)

Almost every jellybean flavor is easy on the palette, except for the joke flavors (no one should be subjected to those). On April 22, grab a bag of assorted jellybeans and have fun with the entire family.

20. Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23)

It’s highly unlikely you don’t know who William Shakespeare is, especially if you took high school English. From Macbeth and Othello to Romeo & Juliet and Taming of the Shrew,we know you have a beloved Shakespeare play that you constantly reference. April 23 is the day you practice your Shakespearian with other bardolators.

21. National Pet Parents Day (April 24)

April 11 is reserved for your pet, but April 24 is the day dog and cat parents are the center of attention. You deserve all the admiration for the care and love you give your precious pup or congenial kitty.

22. National Telephone Day (April 25)

Like most people in the modern world, you’re attached to your smartphone. On April 25, pay homage to the great Alexander Graham Bell with a quick phone call to a loved one to wish them a Happy National Telephone Day.

23. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day (April 25)

Where would we be without the amazing talents of hairstylists? Probably hiding under a hoodie to evade the judgemental stares of others because you’re having a bad hair day. Show your hairstylist that you appreciate their talent with a card, a treat, or an appointment to do the thing they do best.

24. Get Organized Day (April 26)

You’ve probably been putting off getting organized for weeks, but now is the perfect time to cut out the clutter. April 26 is Get Organized Day, and we bet there are some areas around your home that could use some TLC. And if you’re too busy to handle it yourself, let our cleaning experts at Merry Maids help with organizational services.

25. National Pretzel Day (April 26)

Who doesn’t love a warm, savory pretzel? On National Pretzel Day, have all the pretzels you want (within reason) while simultaneously organizing your space.

26. National Tell A Story Day (April 27)

You may not be a storyteller, but you can sure give it a shot on April 27. Round up the kids and take turns telling true stories, made-up stories, silly stories, or scary stories. It doesn’t matter what kind of story you tell; just start using your imagination.

27. Administrative Professionals Day (April 27)

If you work in an office, you know how hard your administrative team works to keep things in order. Take a second in April to praise an administrative professional’s organizational skills, time management, and ability to rouse the entire office by planning awesome events.

28. National Kids and Pets Day (April 28)

For parents of fur babies and human babies, this day is your opportunity to celebrate the bond between the tiny inhabitants in your home and raise awareness about the importance of choosing the right pet for your child.

29. International Dance Day (April 29)

Dancing can reduce heart and lung disease, improve muscle tone, and has various other health benefits, according to Healthline. On April 29, turn on your favorite playlist, get up, and dance away all your troubles with the rest of the world.

30. International Jazz Day (April 30)

Speaking of things that make you want to groove, April 30 is International Jazz Day! Send off this month with some smooth tunes from Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Charles Parker, John Coltrane, Nat King Cole, and other jazz greats.

Let Our Team Clean So You Can Enjoy More April Celebrations

Hopefully, at this point, you’re not still asking, “what’s celebrated in April?” Our dedicated professionals want you to have time to create lasting memories with the ones you love. And the best way to do that is to let us take over all the household cleaning and organizing tasks.

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