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Safety Protocol

How Your Local Merry Maids® Team Is Keeping You Safe

When you choose Merry Maids® for home cleaning, you know you can expect results that go beyond clean. By trusting your local cleaning experts, you get back hours of your life to spend doing things you enjoy with people you love. But with increased concerns about health and safety, you may be wondering how our teams have adapted their services in response. We invited some of our local Merry Maids® owners to tell you about the changes they’ve implemented within their teams to ensure they continue to exceed expectations while keeping you and their employees as safe as possible.

Protecting Customers and Employees

Merry Maids® teams are taking every precaution to keep customers and employees safe in accordance with local recommendations, as well as guidance from the CDC. Local cleaning experts practice social distancing both in the office and in customers’ homes, and gloves and face masks are mandatory.

“We are taking customer and employee safety extremely seriously,” says owner Todd Stuart. “We have, for the time being, canceled all employee meetings and morning huddles in favor of bringing the equipment out to the teams in their vehicles so they can maintain proper social distancing. The cleaning kits are disinfected at the end of the day, as well as in between every single home during the day.”

Proactive measures are vital in stopping the spread of germs, which is why owner Sylvia Clayton says her team members are instructed to stay home if they or their children are sick or have been sick in the past week—above and beyond the time period recommended by the CDC. “We’re also enhancing and increasing the frequency of disinfection in the office,” she says. Owner Donna Parker lists taking employee temperatures, a staggered start to accommodate social distancing, and additional handwashing among other measures implemented.

Our Process for Home Disinfection

“Since COVID, we have gone beyond the regular routine clean, which removes dust and debris, and have added the additional process of disinfecting surfaces,” explains Donna. “It is important that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before a disinfectant can really be effective, so we developed a two-step disinfecting process to clean our customers’ homes.” First, surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant, allowing it to sit for the 10-minute dwell time required for maximum effectiveness before rinsing, then high-touch areas, such as light switches, door knobs, and drawer pulls, are given additional attention using an enhanced disinfectant specifically designed for these areas.

Adds Sylvia, “We clean in a systematic way, top to bottom and left to right, and work our way out of a room to ensure we aren’t re-contaminating a disinfected space.”

Merry Maids® has partnered with 3M® to utilize the most advanced cleaning products available, and all of our team members have received additional training on them. We use a range of 3M® products, including both a disinfecting cleaning solution and an enhanced disinfectant engineered especially for high-touch areas. “The product that we use for disinfecting is certified approved on the emerging pathogens list, provided directly by the CDC, for use against COVID-19,” says Todd.

To learn more about what we’re doing to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy, contact your local Merry Maids® office today. We’re open to serve you!