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Fall Activities and Décor Ideas

This Fall, Live More and Clean Less!

Fall is popular for many reasons: changing leaf colors, crisp fall air, sweater weather, fall sports, and beautiful home décor options. It is time to transition from summer hobbies and colors to fall fun and earthy tones. Whether you’re preparing for Thanksgiving dinner or everyday guests, let the new season inspire your space! Keep reading for some easy fall fun and home décor tips to prep your home for autumn.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Fall is a great time to take a family walk or go for a scenic drive to enjoy the fall color. A visit to a local cider mill, farmers market, or pumpkin patch is another fun way to enjoy the season. The mild sweater weather also makes fall a great time for yard work, landscaping, and outdoor home improvement projects. If you have kids, this is a perfect time to hunt for natural materials to use in fall home décor projects, such as pinecones, pretty leaves, grapevines, dried flowers, and ornamental grasses.

Festive Fragrances

Bring the cozy vibes of autumn into your home with DIY seasonal scents! A pleasant fall scent is an easy way to create a seasonal and relaxing mood. Embrace the aromas of pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple by crafting your own fall candles or essential oil blends. It's a fun and affordable way to create an inviting atmosphere in your space without overspending. Get creative and let the scents of the season fill every corner.

Garlands, Wreaths, and More

When it comes to bringing the fall season indoors, why not start at the front door? Incorporating a natural-materials fall-themed wreath will leave your porch looking warm and cozy. Whether you choose to craft a wreath from pinecones, wheat, or eucalyptus, your guests will be able to see the thought you put into making your home as inviting as possible.

You can also liven up your living room by introducing an autumnal garland strung across your fireplace mantle. To avoid potential fire hazards, practice proper fire safety and give your fireplace a proper cleaning before hanging up any décor.

Incorporate Throw Pillows and Blankets

We start to crave warm and cozy spaces when the crisp fall air starts creeping in. While you prep your bedroom and living area with a thorough fall cleaning, you can quickly transform the atmosphere by switching out your normal throw pillows and blankets for some that are more seasonally appropriate. Try incorporating stripes, plaids, and darker hues to bring major fall vibes to your space! Don’t be afraid to add a couple of cozy, chunky throws and autumn-toned rugs for an even warmer feel.

This fall, you focus on fun fall décor and enjoying the beautiful fall weather while leaving the cleaning to us!

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What’s another way to relax and get cozy this fall? Reach out to your local Merry Maids® and make household chores a thing of the past! At the end of the day, the only thing you should have to come home to is tasteful fall décor, a couch full of pillows, and your favorite movie.